These are the lines which start at the corners of the mouth and part or all the way to the sides of the chin. They are often associated with down-turned corners of the mouth., giving a sad mouth appearance. ( marionette = sad clown) The lower face which includes the lower cheek area and the chin area, should like one continuous mould. We shouldn't be able to see where the cheeks end or where the chin begins. With mid-face descent, lower face volume loss and jowl formation, the transition zone from cheek to chin is lost. This is often associated with jaw-line disruption and loss of the jaw-line contour and profile.

The lower face now looks like a loosely connected series of separate areas instead of one whole unit. This lower chin area is called the "pre jowl" sulcus.

A filler can be used to re-volumise the area. 3-dimensionally, the area is like a pyramid with the larger area base at the jaw-line and with decreasing volume as we ascend towards the corner of the mouth.

Thus, more filler is required at the base and less filler required at the corner of the mouth. Correction of this area can restore volume, reduce shadowing, restore the transition zone, improve the jaw-line profile, fill the pre jowl sulcus and reduce the appearance of the jowl. Treatment usually lasts 12 months.

Correction of corner of mouth and pre-jowl sulcus, before treatment.

Correction of corner of mouth and pre-jowl sulcus, immediately after treatment.

Correction of left side before treatment.

Correction of left side immediately after treatment.

jawline profile correction before

jawline profile correction after


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